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VulnCheck Raises $3.2 Million to Solve Prioritization Challenge for Enterprise, Government and Cybersecurity Solution Providers

Anthony Bettini

Sorenson Ventures leads seed funding with participation from In-Q-Tel; Vulnerability intelligence startup powered by former lead researchers and exploit developers at Tenable, Rapid7, Dragos and Veracode

LEXINGTON, Mass. – February 9, 2023 – VulnCheck, the vulnerability intelligence company, today announced a $3.2 million seed funding round led by Sorenson Ventures with participation from In-Q-Tel, Lux Capital, and Aviso Ventures. The company also secured financing from angel investors, including Dave Cole, co-founder and CEO of Open Raven and former CPO at CrowdStrike and Tenable, and Oliver Friedrichs, founder and CEO at Pangea and former CEO at Phantom and Immunet. The company will use the funding to increase hiring and bolster product development.

VulnCheck helps large enterprises, government agencies and cybersecurity solution providers outpace adversaries by providing the most comprehensive, real-time vulnerability intelligence autonomously correlated with unique, proprietary exploit and threat intelligence. The company, founded in 2021, is led by Anthony Bettini, former head of Tenable research and former founder and CEO of FlawCheck and Appthority. The Boston-based vulnerability intelligence company is powered by a team of former lead researchers at Tenable, Rapid7, Dragos, and Veracode and former lead exploit developers of MetaSploit.

VulnCheck’s superpower is its ability to discover vulnerability intelligence that other solutions are unable to access, acquire, and have no ability to find - which is the key to security since you can’t secure what you don’t know about, Its deep and talented team with cross-disciplinary expertise in vulnerability research and exploit development gives them a perspective on the threat landscape that we have not seen anywhere else in the industry. The VulnCheck team is providing unique threat insights with much deeper exploit context that organizations formerly had no ability to find.

Tony Spinelli
Venture Partner at Sorenson Ventures

VulnCheck delivers threat intelligence services to help organizations prioritize responses to the growing mountains of vulnerabilities and take action before adversaries can attack. VulnCheck’s cyber threat intelligence services include:

  • VulnCheck Vulnerability Intelligence: a commercial alternative to the NIST National Vulnerability Database (NVD). VulnCheck includes more data, fields, sources, exploit and remediation intelligence, and provides data weeks earlier.
  • VulnCheck Exploit Intelligence: helps organizations track all of the world's exploit proof-of-concept code, exploited in-the-wild information, and exploit metadata, including timelines, to focus remediation resources on the right vulnerabilities.
  • VulnCheck Initial Access Intelligence: provides organizations the detection artifacts, such as Snort or Suricata signatures, YARA rules, PCAPs, and private exploit PoCs, to defend against initial access vulnerabilities, recently exploited or likely to be soon.

The core problem with existing solutions such as NVD is that vulnerability data alone does not give security teams enough context to help them prioritize remediation efforts, By enriching vulnerability data with information about exploit activity, VulnCheck is giving security teams the coveted ability to prioritize remediation of vulnerabilities based on a real-time assessment of exploit weaponization.

Katie Gray
Senior Partner at In-Q-Tel

VulnCheck supports enterprise and government customers and is trusted by some of the world's most prominent cybersecurity vendors responsible for protecting hundreds of millions of systems and people.

“Our team’s mission is to autonomously gather and leverage exploit and vulnerability intelligence to manage the world’s vulnerabilities at scale,” said Bettini. “The investments we’ve secured show strong confidence in our vision. We are thrilled to be working with these strategic partners to fuel our next stage of growth.”

Anthony Bettini
Founder at VulnCheck

About Sorenson Ventures

Sorenson Ventures is an early-stage venture capital firm that invests in enterprise software and security companies. With offices in Palo Alto, CA and Lehi, UT and more than $250 million of capital under management, Sorenson Ventures invests in product-oriented founders and helps portfolio companies establish a strong foundation to accelerate revenue growth with Global 2000 customers.

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About VulnCheck

VulnCheck is the vulnerability intelligence company helping enterprises, government organizations, and cybersecurity vendors solve the vulnerability prioritization challenge. Trusted by some of the world's largest organizations responsible for protecting hundreds of millions of systems and people, VulnCheck helps organizations outpace adversaries by providing the most comprehensive, real-time vulnerability intelligence that is autonomously correlated with unique, proprietary exploit and threat intelligence. Follow the company on LinkedIn.

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