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Jay Wallace

Meet the VulnCheck team at VulnCon

VulnCheck is a platinum sponsor of the FIRST Group’s first-ever VulnCon event. The event is March 25-27 in Raleigh, NC. VulnCheck will be showcasing its exploit intelligence solutions at the event. VulnCheck’s Patrick Garrity will be participating in a panel discussion, “What It Takes to Lead America’s Vulnerability Management Team,” with industry leaders from CISA and Aqua Security on at 8:30 am EST on March 25. To schedule a meeting ahead of the event with the VulnCheck team, click here.

About VulnCon

The purpose of the conference is to collaborate with various vulnerability management and cybersecurity professionals to develop forward leaning ideas that can be taken back to individual programs for action to benefit the vulnerability management ecosystem. A key goal of the conference is to understand what important stakeholders and programs are doing within the vulnerability management ecosystem and best determine how to benefit the ecosystem broadly.

VulnCon is Co-Sponsored by FIRST and the CVE Program. This event will be open to both FIRST members and non-members around the world.