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Expanding Access to CVE Data - CVE Program’s CVE List added to VulnCheck Community

Patrick Garrityin/patrickmgarrity/


In recent months, as the NIST NVD has struggled to keep pace with the surging influx of CVEs, the CVE Program has advocated for consumers of CVE data to consider utilizing it as their primary source. This shift marks a departure from the traditional reliance on NIST NVD, which historically offered enriched CVE data in an easily navigable format. While both sources offer distinct advantages and drawbacks, the security community has underscored the need for more accessible ways to access CVE data.

CVE Program CVE List Added to VulnCheck Community

To address this concern and enhance access to CVE data, VulnCheck has taken the initiative to provide the CVE Program's CVE list via VulnCheck API. Effective immediately, the CVE Program CVE List is freely accessible to the VulnCheck Community using the VulnCheck API. Users can now retrieve CVE Program data via the VulnCheck API index "mitre-cvelist-v5", as well as download the complete JSON through a backup of the data.

Now the security community is empowered with access to both NIST NVD and CVE Program data delivered through API using a single source, facilitating easy comparison and selection based on organizational needs. This is additional to VulnCheck KEV which offers visibility into over 2,350+ Known Exploited Vulnerabilities, enhancing the spectrum of available vulnerability intelligence. We remain committed to providing the highest fidelity vulnerability intelligence to the community while ensuring consistent and reliable access.

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